Anuradha Pal's Recharge

Indian traditional music, jazzed with world rhythms

Recharge, led by the immensely talented Pandita Anuradha Pal, is a band that weaves together the melodic tapestry of Indian traditional music with vibrant world rhythms, including African, Latin, and Indian percussion.

Bringing together the “best of the World’s music in an energizing and peaceful combination”, Recharge holds the distinction of being India’s sole representative at the esteemed Woodstock Festival in Poland in 2008, where they enthralled an audience of 400,000 fans.

The band, comprising a total of 7-8 musicians, is masterfully conducted and composed by Pandita Anuradha Pal. Their first album ‘Get Recharged!!!’ was nominated in the ‘Best Fusion Album’ category at the GiMA Awards & the follow-up album, ‘Recharge Plus’ was featured among the top World Music albums in the Nokia Music store.

During their concert tour of Brazil for the Festival of India in 2011, Recharge delivered awe-inspiring performances that garnered rapturous applause from packed audiences. The crowds swayed and danced to the music, getting recharged and invigorated by the band’s captivating melodies and infectious rhythms.

Recharge continues to captivate audiences worldwide, spreading the message of unity and harmony through their extraordinary musical fusion.


  • Live at Woodstock Festival 2008 for a mammoth audience of 400,000 fans
  • Live at Woodstock Festival 2008 for a mammoth audience of 400,000 fans




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