Anuradha Pal Cultural Foundation (APCF)

Social Transformation through Music

Anuradha Pal Cultural Foundation (APCF) is a non-profit, Section 8 company, which has been working to bring about Social transformation through Music’. APCF’s mission is to propagate –

        • Indian Heritage and values based education.
      • Female Empowerment
      • Positivity, Good Health and Mental Wellness.
      • Respect for Environment & Mother Earth.
  • Moral, Spiritual & Cognitive Development.

APCF collaborates with like minded individuals/ organisations to spread positivity, confidence, social integration through the following initiatives –

Ring in good health & wellness, with a FIRST-TIME EVER combination of  MUSIC,  MEDITATION and MOTIVATION!! Head to APCFs 🌞POSITIVE WEEKENDS™, to experience a dash of Yoga & a generous helping of 🌟 inspiring, spiritual Indian Music .. all in the midst of rejuvenating nature. 

We are overwhelmed with all the love and appreciation for APCF Positive Weekends™ programs, from each one of our audience members right from our inaugural program featuring Sabir Khan to our annual festival featuring Pandit Ajay & Abhijit Pohankar & Ustad Rafique Khan. It has been really heartening to have so many of you donate and volunteer in our mission, to bring ‘Social Transformation through Music’.

Now, we are excited to be joined by Bhajan Samraat Anup Jalota ji, who will be regaling us with a delightful blend of Popular Bhajans, Ghazals & Bollywood songs, accompanied by Tabla maestro Anuradha Pal. Please mark your calendars for our next event on Sunday, 12th February at 7 a.m.. We look forward to welcoming you.

The therapeutic powers of Indian Spiritual Music are well-known to reduce stress and balance the chakras, Anuradha Pal Cultural Foundation (APCF) has conceptualised and curated an amazing line up of positive, immersive experiences on 8 Jan, 21 Jan, 12 Feb, 12 March & 9 April, featuring top Musicians and Dancers performing live in beautiful gardens; to propagate Indian Culture, Arts, Heritage, Music education, mental positivity & respect for the environment.

APCF presents ‘Positivity Through Music Workshops (PTMW) कानसेन बनें, ख़ुशी बढ़ाएं’ in –

  1. Educational institutions, in keeping with the multi-disciplinary and holistic tenets of the National Education Policy 2020.
  2. Eminent Corporates to reduce employee conflict, anxiety, depression, lack of cohesiveness etc.

What is different?

While some of us have heard a lecture-demonstration or concert, most of us have NOT had the opportunity to engage with the performers or get to understand what attitudes, discipline and training, make them so special?

APCF PTM workshops provide that unique opportunity which encourages active participation & interaction to transform this immersive experience into a rejuvenating,inclusive activity which encourages social cohesion, teamwork and bonding; as our key TAKEAWAY. This truly is the need of the hour, following two years of people losing all social contact owing to the pandemic.

APCF PTM workshops have a duration of 45 minutes and are presented as the below module –

  • EXPERIENTIAL : Experience a dash of Spiritual, Folk & Bollywood music with a generous helping of Classical & World music, sweet- topped with interactive, humorous stories from everyday life & morals from Indian mythology by Pandita Anuradha Pal – ‘One of the world’s leading and most innovative percussionists and composers’ (Bangkok Post 2007) & her team of talented musicians.
  • EXPLANATION : Brief history and development of Indian Music, Guru Shishya Parampara etc. and a detailed explanation on the benefits and transformative powers of Indian music,
  • ENGAGEMENT/ INTERACTION : Participants get, a once in a lifetime, opportunity to interact with, engage with & learn from a world renowned artist like Anuradha Pal and jam with her.

To book ‘Positivity Through Music’ Workshops (PTMW) for your esteemed organisation and help transform society through music, please email or call +(91) 98219 24847.

APCF is a not-for-profit section 8 company offering 50% tax benefits (u/s 80G) to our DONORS & 100% claimable expenses to Sponsors. Please donate on –


Name : Anuradha Pal Cultural Foundation
Account No. 50200071105690
Branch IFSC HDFC0000079

Kindly email us your name, address, PAN number and transaction details on and we will send you the receipt within 10 days of receipt of funds.

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