Padmashri M.T. Vyas Smriti-Sanskriti Seva Puraskar

On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, I am very happy to announce that I, through my organisation Sur aaur Saaz, have instituted the Padmashri M.T. Vyas Smriti Sanskriti-Seva Puraskar.

To encourage young girls to excel in Indian Music/ Dance and contribute to Social causes, I have instituted this award, dedicated to the huge contribution of my respected grandfather, who was awarded the PADMASHRI award for creating 40 TOP schools in India which were totally revolutionary.

My Nanaji Padmashri M.T Vyas’ flagship school was the New Era School in Mumbai, which was recognised as one of the 5 TOP schools of Asia by UNESCO. New Era School was about thought leadership, character development and excellence in academics, sports, music, dramatics etc.

Hence, we invite young girls younger than 25 years, practising music and social causes to apply ASAP.

All applications must be submitted by 12 noon on 8th October 2020. The name of the awardee will be announced on 9th October and the online Award ceremony will be held on 11th October which is the International Day of the Girl Child.

All those who wish to apply may email us on with the following details –

a. A text citation of not more than 600 words. You must mention your names, your field of specialisation, the name of your Guru, any awards and recognition you may have received, Contribution to your field of music / dance and Contribution to social causes.

b. A photograph of your Aadhaar Card, front and back.

c. A photograph of the applicant.

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