Kala Ke Sangh

Fundraiser for the marginalised Musical fraternity

Project Goals

To raise Rs 37 Lakh to help over 500 among the marginalised musical fraternity- the Tribal and folk musicians/ Classical and traditional musicians/ devotional musicians, instrument makers, studio technicians and others of the industry who have basic survival issues. 

SAS is also developing & creating a platform on @SASevents page and @APCAMumbai pages on Facebook for these musicians to earn from online concerts in a long term sustainable model, so that these marginalised musicians can live with self respect, in these difficult times.

We humbly appeal to all corporates, socially conscientious organisations & individuals, to please donate generously either for

  1. Monthly Ration
  2. Monetary subsistence

Food Rations

Food is a basic need to stay alive.. Due to lockdown for several months & no income, many from the musical fraternity are on the brink of disaster. Many don’t even have basic food for their families. We have been sending food ration kits to needy musicians to Mumbai since July and need money urgently to send food to the needy musical fraternity in far off places in Rajasthan , North east , South India etc. 

Please help us feed a needy musician/ instrument maker/ sound technician etc. Foreigners with NRO accounts and Indians can make a Bank transfer to our partner Jalota Welfare Foundation and get tax exemptions u/s 80G(account details below)

Beneficiary Name : Jalota Welfare Foundation
Account No. : 0059000104165416
IFSC Code : PUNB0005900
Bank & Branch : Punjab National Bank, Dadar (W), Mumbai – 400028.

Monetary Subsistence

For musicians not having work, we are trying to create a corpus to give Monetary Subsistence, so they can maintain their practise and perform on our platform @SASevents on Facebook. Sur aaur Saaz events is in the process of developing & creating a platform for these musicians to earn from online concerts in a long term sustainable model, so that these marginalised musicians can live with self respect, in these difficult times.

Donate on the go–  Credit/ Debit cards/ UPI/ Paytm/ Netbanking options 

Foreign corporates and those with NRE accounts may write to us on sasmusicindia@gmail.com and then donate through our FCRA compliant partner Art Matters.

Kala Ke Sangh Festival

Soulful Indian Classical music, those pulsating percussionists, beautiful folk dances & songs, exciting Hindustani & Carnatic Jugalbandis…  what if we never get to enjoy these ever… after this pandemic?

Our lives, weddings & events can never be the same without music, dance, percussion, colour and magic? With all performances cancelled owing to social distancing norms, the marginalised music fraternity & instrument makers are struggling to survive…  

Tabla Maestro Anuradha Pal has curated, envisioned and spearheaded this Fundraiser campaign called Kala Ke Sangh (meaning Musical family) to protect our culture & heritage by helping the Marginalised Music fraternity – i.e. Marginalised Classical/ Tribal/ Bhajan/ Folk musicians and instrument makers

Anuradha Pal’s organisation Sur aaur Saaz (SAS) has curated & produced the FIRST EVER Online 2 day Music Fundraiser festival called Kala Ke Sangh featuring 21 Top Musicians on 1st, 2nd and 8th August!! This festival will be shared live on @SASevents page on Facebook to raise donations from 7 lakh followers (including partner pages).

Performing Artists

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