“To be happy & succesful, you must be in rhythm, with yourself and life itself!!”  – Tabla Guru, Pandita Anuradha Pal

Having a strong interest and hobby in Indian music, can help us become more peaceful & focussed. Research has proven the transformational powers of music, to help children excel in their studies & get better Emotional connect with their parents & society. Music also helps career stressed adults, to become more positive & mentally stronger to take on more challenges!

Become a Rhythm Rider™

Rhythm is all around us – in our heartbeat, nature, our body’s Bio-rhythm etc. A ‘Rhythm Rider is a person, someone who is at peace with himself/ herself & constantly in rhythm with himself/ herself and their surroundings, thus making for happy, positive and a more productive employee..

Our various Rhythm Workshops help you to center yourself, increase focus and positivity, find peace & empower yourself towards success!! Register Now to become a ‘Rhythm Rider!’

Anuradha Pal Cultural Academy (APCA) offers regular Tabla classes in Juhu, Mumbai & online training on Skype to all ages and levels of students. APCA also releases special instructional video training DVDs, as part of the Learn Well Series, for Music students who wish to learn at their own pace, in the comfort of their homes. You may order Learn Tabla Well DVDs 1 & 2 here.

We will soon be releasing regular videos, taking up individual difficulties of students like how to practise, riyaaz & finger techniques, sitting position and the connect between Music & Yoga.

APCA is an initiative for promotion of Indian Rhythm & Music, by Sur aaur Saaz (SAS) and managed by a team of dedicated professionals.

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