Remembering Tyeb Mehta, Stree Shakti album cover

Tyeb Mehta’s painting ‘Kali’ being auctioned for INR 24.6 crores ( 4 million USD) reminded of my meeting Tyeb uncle several years ago.  I was working on my album ‘Stree Shakti‘ and was looking for an apt CD cover.  I accompanied my painter mother Ila Pal to Tyeb uncles house, to request him for an appropriate painting.. […]

“AAP SE MULAQAT” – Facebook Live (12th June 2018)

Aap Se Mulaqat Aap Se Mulaqat Ft Anuradha Pal, Live from Facebook HQ, Mumbai Anuradha Pal यांनी वर पोस्ट केले 12 जून 2018   Connect with me on “Aap Se Mulaqat” on Facebook Live on Tuesday, 12th June at 5:30 p.m. on @niralikartikmusic & @anuradhapaltabla

Tabla Solo concert in Mumbai (14th June 2018)

Happy to be the opening batsman for this unique Tabla Utsav in Mumbai!!  In addition to performing the traditional repertoire of various gharanas like Farrukhabad, Delhi, Ajrada, etc., I will highlight the highly improvisational and impromptu approach of the Punjab Gharana. I will especially present an alaap based Peshkaar, baant- kaidas and different chhands and layakari […]

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