Remembering Tyeb Mehta, Stree Shakti album cover

Tyeb Mehta’s painting ‘Kali’ being auctioned for INR 24.6 crores ( 4 million USD) reminded of my meeting Tyeb uncle several years ago.  I was working on my album ‘Stree Shakti‘ and was looking for an

Tyeb Mehta’s Mahishasur

Stree Shakti CD – Tyeb Mehta’s Mahishasur

apt CD cover.  I accompanied my painter mother Ila Pal to Tyeb uncles house, to request him for an appropriate painting.. Tyeb uncle asked me about my CD, appreciated my  concept of a novel, all female band,  heard & really enjoyed the music tracks. Then he simply went into his studio and brought out 4 prints from his Kali Series of paintings and asked me to take my pick!! I chose his Mahishasur painting from his Kali series! and he just smiled and gregariously gave it to me.. no fuss..

So I had the great honour of having a Tyeb Mehta painting as my CD inlay card design and on the body of my CD and my mother Ila Pal’s waiting on the front cover of my album ‘ Stree Shakti’!! Such is simplicity and greatness of extraordinary artists!!


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