Su Fo Re (Sufi Folk Recharged)

Riveting Spiritual – Folk music, recharged with Indian Classical music & world percussion

Anuradha Pal’s Su-Fo-Re presents an ‘Electrifying Fusion’ of Spiritual music, Rajasthani Folk, Qawwali with Indian (Hindustani & Carnatic) Classical Music, recharged with passionate & groovy World percussion; connecting people & cultures from around the globe, celebrating unity amidst diversity. This Sufi-Folk-Classical-Fusion group features Rajasthani Manganiar Musicians on earthy Vocals with Dholak, Bhapang, Khadtaal, Sarangi fusing with Classical Flute & Carnatic Violin, spiced by Tabla, Udu, Keyboard, Djembe, Pakhawaj, Darbuka & other world percussion.

Su-Fo-Re- had the honour of performing at the highly prestigious Festival of India (Qatar), organised by the Embassy of India in Qatar in collaboration with the Qatar government and Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India; in March 2019. The performances were greatly appreciated by the audience, with the Honourable Ambassador, Mr. P. Kumaran personally thanking them for a brilliant performance, making India proud.


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