Su Fo Re (Sufi Folk Recharged)

Riveting Spiritual – Folk music, recharged with Indian Classical music & world percussion

Anuradha Pal’s Su-Fo-Re band is a unique, ‘Electrifying Fusion’ of Sufi- Spiritual music, Rajasthani Folk, Indian Classical Music (Hindustani & Carnatic), recharged with passionate & groovy World & Folk percussion. SuFoRe connects people & cultures from around the globe, thus celebrating unity amidst diversity. SuFoRe features 2/3 Rajasthani Musicians on earthy Vocals & Folk percussion (Dholak, Bhapang, Khadtal) fusing with Spiritual Flute, Carnatic Violin & Mridangam, keyboard and riveting World Percussion ie Tabla, Udu, Djembe, Pakhawaj, Darbuka & Handsonic performed and composed by Pandita Anuradha Pal (total 7-8 musicians).

SuFoRe had the honour of performing at the highly prestigious Festival of India in Qatar & other festivals in Delhi, Mumbai, Udaipur, Madhya Pradesh etc. Their performances in Qatar were greatly appreciated  & the Honourable Ambassador, Mr. P. Kumaran personally thanked them for a brilliant performance, making India proud.


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