Anuradha Pal Cultural Foundation (APCF)

Social Transformation through Music

MUSIC IS THE ELIXIR OF LIFE & actually connects you to the Supreme. Post Covid, there is an urgent need to deal with widespread depression, anxiety & fatigue and increase positivity & social interaction in society. The therapeutic powers of Indian Classical Music & Rhythm are scientifically proven.

Anuradha Pal Cultural Foundation (APCF) endeavours to bring about ‘Social transformation through Music’ through –

A) ‘Positivity Through Music Workshops (PTMW) कानसेन बनें, ख़ुशी बढ़ाएं’ for –

  1. Educational institutions, in keeping with the multi-disciplinary and holistic tenets of the National Education Policy 2020.
  2. Eminent Corporates to reduce employee conflict, anxiety, depression, lack of cohesiveness etc.

Our specially designed & curated PTMW modules have three distinct components –

  • EXPERIENTIAL : Experience first hand how TABLAS SING STORIES from Pandita Anuradha Pal – ‘One of the world’s leading and most innovative percussionists and composers’ (Bangkok Post 2007), as she presents interactive stories from everyday life and the Indian epics on Tabla.
  • EXPLANATION : Anuradhaji will explain the benefits and transformative powers of Indian music, giving the brief history and development of Indian Music, Guru Shishya Parampara etc.
  • ENGAGEMENT/ INTERACTION : Participants get a once in a lifetime opportunity to interact with, engage with & learn from a world renowned artist like Anuradha Pal and jam with her.

B) Positive Sundays – APCF curates and presents immersive, Spiritual Indian music performances in public spaces like gardens & heritage destinations, in our herculean efforts to spread happiness, social integration, good health and values in society.

We encourage active participation from our listeners to transform this unique experience into a fun, inclusive exercise, encouraging social cohesion, teamwork and bonding; as our key TAKEAWAY; which is the need of the hour following two years of people losing all social contact during the pandemic. These immersive experiences help the participants to connect with nature through Indian Classical Music & feel energised and rejuvenated.

Benefits and Key Takeaways of listening to Indian Music –

  • Reduces blood pressure, hypertension, fevers, headaches by helping us relax & enhancing our mood, thereby encouraging positive transformation.
  • Increases intelligence, promotes focussed learning, concentration, strong emotional & cognitive development & wards off effects of brain ageing.
  • Inculcates creativity, critical thinking, teamwork and pride in our rich cultural heritage.
  • Improves inter-personal & professional relationships by balancing our chakras, with meditative & energetic qualities.
  • Helps build up confidence & brings positivity & inner peace; signifying कानसेन बनें, ख़ुशी बढ़ाएं’

To present our Positivity Through Music Workshops (PTMW) for your esteemed organisation and help transform society through music, please call +(91) 98219 24847.

YOU too can be a part of the change you wish to see by Volunteering and/ or donating (Tax benefits u/s 80G) by emailing us on

Recently, we presented several Workshops at Kendriya Vidyalaya schools and colleges in Dehradun, Haridwar and Mussoorie in Uttarakhand & got a fantastic response from the students, teachers as well as the press.

In 2015, we curated a month long URJA Music Festival and a week long LAASYA dance festival, for over 4000 under privileged students at the National Bal Bhavan, New Delhi featuring 75 artists (including accompanists). The overwhelming response from the students, most of whom had never been exposed to Indian Classical Music and Dance before, will bear testament to the immense energising power of Indian Music.

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